Frequently asked questions

  • What is harajpk.com?
    • Aladeenz.com is an e-commerce start-up company positioning itself to become the market leader in offering online wide range of quality products & services for all models of B2C, B2B, C2C & C2B.

  • How many products can your aladeenz.com can support?
    • The platform can support unlimited products.

  • How do I search for a product?
    • In two ways you can search items
      • Search bar: Finding by item name
      • Category search: Finding via relevant category

  • Where should I meet the seller?
    • It is important that you meet the seller at a safe place. A few basics to follow so that you deal safely and hassle-free:
      • Public Places: Meet the seller at secure & public location such as Malls, Offices, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops, etc. where there are enough people around. Do not travel to far-away places or meet at isolated places / localities that you are not aware of.
      • Switching Places: Beware of a seller who changes location(s) and asks you to reach a different destination than already decided.
      • Have company: Also, try to have someone accompany you 😊 to close the deal!

  • Can I pay advance to seller?
    • We would strongly recommend not to pay in advance. If you must pay something to have the seller hold the product for you, ensure it is a small & insignificant amount.
      Advance payment is the most common technique adopted by fraud sellers to trick buyers and pursue them to make upfront payments for goods, services, etc.

  • How do I get more attention from buyers?
    • There are three ways you can get more followers, which means more attention:
      • Post great deals that make buyers want to tell their friends about you.
      • You can invite your Facebook friends to view your posted ads by sharing ads link.
      • You can also invite your friends to Join aladeenz.

  • Why was my ad rejected?
    • To ensure good user experience for both Buyer & Sellers, the following could be some reasons why your ad did not go live.
      • Ban Reason: Forbidden Products aladeenz does not allow Items or Service which violate the Law and aladeenz policies. Sellers need to comply with items considered legal or valid for sale.
      • Ban Reason: Invalid price To ensure a great experience for both Buyers & Sellers on aladeenz, we only allow ads that have a realistic/reasonable price for the item being sold. Putting a good price for your item helps the buyer to discover your item and contact you to make a deal.
      • Bad Titles
      • Duplicates
      • Multiple Products
      • Invalid Images

  • I can't find my ad in the search results?
    • So, you’ve tried everything and you still can’t find it. No sweat:
      Double check your spelling: Remember to add specific words or the exact title of your ad.
      Results always show all active ads. If your ad doesn’t appear, check your account and the status of your ad. If the ad has expired, by all means, post it again!

  • What happened to my older ads?
    • To keep content fresh and relevant for buyers, we have moved only the ads that were posted over the last 30 days.
      You can post a new ad for the ones that are really important to you.
      We've made it super-fast and easy.

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